MUA Mono Eyeshadows & Swatches

I recently got these three eyeshadows from MUA and really wanted to share these with you all because they're actually really good. MUA's a popular brand, but I've only ever tried one of their makeup products before (their eyebrow kit) and I really liked it. I'm not too sure why I've never tried any of their eyeshadows before, considering I always look at their palettes. In Superdrug I saw these three sparkly mono eyeshadows (my favourite) and the golden/bronzey ones caught my eye (again, my favourite). 

I asked my Mum if these eyeshadows were good because I knew she has one and likes MUA makeup, she said they were so I decided to get some. These were £1 each (I got 3 for 2 at Superdrug). I got the shades 'Golden', 'Bronze' and 'Chamoisee' and I'm obsessed with these shades.

Their packaging is just super simple, it's a little plastic case that shuts securely. When I got home I instantly swatched them and I'm amazed, they're so pigmented. These are so smooth, easy to blend and have definitely become some of my favourite eyeshadows. I definitely will be purchasing more of these eyeshadows because on the Superdrug website they seemed to have a lot more choice than in the store.

Overall I love these eyeshadows and I'm so happy with them. I cannot believe they're only £1. I've also realised that they last longer with a primer on, which is something that I don't use every time I wear eyeshadow, but I will if I'm using these.




Do you have any of these MUA mono eyeshadows? If so, what ones?:-)
Do you recommend any MUA makeup? I definitely want to try any of their other products! 


  1. Oh wow didn't know they was only one pound each!! They look amazing I'll deffo have to add to my shopping list! I also really love your photos xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. they're so cheap for good eyeshadows! aw thank you:-)xxx

  2. These look really good! Great pictures :)

    Love ML x

  3. I also have the bronze shade, and really enjoy using it, its surprisingly good for the budget price!

  4. Lovely colours- Golden is my fav!

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  5. These colours look gorgeous! Defo need to get my hands on some of these. Great post.


  6. These colours look gorgeous! Defo need to get my hands on some of these. Great post.


  7. i love all these gold and bronze colours at the moment! so beautiful!

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS

  8. Oh my gosh what gorgeous colours!! I've never heard of MUA before but they look fab, so I'll definitely have to try them! Xx


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