Elegant Touch 003 Stiletto Nails

After using both sets of nails from the 002 Oval nails by Elegant Touch, I decided to use my 003 Stiletto nails by Elegant Touch. I knew these were going to be longer than the 002 nails, but I never expected them to be this much longer. I'm used to wearing false nails, but when I first put these on, I was like "how am I going to do anything with these?". After half an hour it was totally fine.

I painted these with Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine nail polish called 'Sky Blue', over that I used Collections 'Fairy Dust' nail polish. I am totally obsessed with these nails and actually love the length of them. There's two uses per pack and this is the first use, I cannot wait to paint the next ones. I'm not too sure what colour I'm going to paint the next ones though!

Have you ever tried Elegant Touches nails? If so, what ones?:-)


  1. Hi there! I haven't heard of Elegant Touch before but after reading your post, I'm thinking about trying them out because it's so difficult for me to shape my nails nicely. The Sky Blue polish is such a beautiful shade... it's so Winter-y! Great post! Do you mind if I ask where you got the white doily plate from? It's cute!

    Rosalyn | Love, Rosalyn

    1. hey:-) aw, Elegant Touch nails are so good! thank you:-) and its from Ikea:-)

  2. Love these! I once did mine similar with a lilac colour and shimmery polish over the top. Fab review x


  3. Ahhhhhhh SOOO pretty! I'm loving the colour X
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  4. Nails look amazing and love the phone case. Gemma xx

  5. This nail colour is absolutely beautiful!

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  6. These nails look great. The colour is stunning as well!


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