Makeup Revolution Palette - Flawless Matte

I first heard about these Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow palettes about a month before I got one and I desperately wanted to try one out, especially considering they were only £8 for 32 shades! I'd seen so many positive blogposts about these, so I knew they were going to be good. There were two palettes that I liked, but I chose the matte one. This is the first makeup item that I've gotten from Makeup Revolution, I've seen them in Superdrug so many times but had never gotten anything from there before.

It comes in a coppery box. This palette was sealed so well, the box had a clear cellophane wrap around it and it was taped at both ends and when I opened up the box, the palette was in a thin plastic bag too. The packaging is sophisticated, simple, shiny and is a really good size.

When you open up the palette, there's a lovely range of shades, from browns, pinks and orangey and blue undertones. There is a large full sized mirror which is so handy. When I first swatched one of the eyeshadows I realised that these are so soft, creamy and pigmented. These eyeshadows are so easy to blend and I absolutely love them. I also really like that these eyeshadows are named.

These eyeshadows are called:
Top row across: 
  • 'Flaw'
  • 'Nutmeg'
  • 'Pear'
  • 'Matte'
  • 'Shell'
  • 'Chrome'
  • 'Cork'
  • 'Stone'

Second row across:
  • 'Cool'
  • 'Sand'
  • 'Fawn'
  • 'Muse'
  • 'Warm'
  • 'Mud'
  • 'Leather'
  • 'Smoke'

Third row across:
  • 'Antique'
  • 'Nut'
  • 'Taupe'
  • 'Rosewood'
  • 'Rust'
  • 'Bear'
  • 'Olden'
  • 'Charcoal'

Bottom row across:
  • 'Soft'
  • 'Oak'
  • 'Bark'
  • 'Warm'
  • 'Burnt'
  • 'Wood'
  • 'Earth'
  • 'Carbon'

I definitely recommend this eyeshadow palette. For £8 this palette is amazing and I really want to try more of Makeup Revolutions products, especially their contour kit and more of their eyeshadows.
Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products? If so, whats your favourite product from their brand and what do you recommend?:-)


  1. I absolutely love their palettes! I use the Flawless palette pretty much daily, and I'm just so in love with their products in general - fantastic quality and fantastic prices :)

    Misia xx |

  2. these look great, and such a huge range of shades too! I've heard about MR palettes, for the price they definitely sound worth it :)

    Aliya x | |

    1. they are for sure worth it:-)x

  3. I never tried their eyeshadow palettes. But this sounds lovely, I would love some swatches!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. ahh:-) i'm going to be including this in my october favourites post that i'll be uploading on friday so i'll take some swatch photos for that:-)

  4. None of my local Superdrugs ell Makeup Revolution, it's so frustrating because I want to try some of their palettes so much! This one looks amazing, so cheap as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. aw no! it is so good for the price:-)

  5. I absolutely love makeup revolution, I have one of their eyeshadow palettes and I think it's amazing! I definitely need to get my hands on this the colours are stunning X
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. me too now haha! what palette do you have?:-)xx

  6. Stunning palette, I love how wearable these shades are.

  7. I can't believe it's only £8 for all the shades you get it's such good value!

    1. me too, its an amazing deal!:-)


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