Whiskey Iced Tea

I bought these cute drinking jars from Dunelm Mills the other week and it came with a little drink recipe book. In it was a recipe for Pimms Iced Tea, I didn't have Pimms but I had Whiskey in the house, so I decided to change it up and add a little bit of Whiskey instead.

What I did was:

1. First of all I boiled water in the kettle and used 500ml of it and poured it into a pan.

2. I then added 50g of Sugar (I don't know why so much, I halved what the recipe was but next time I'm not going to put so much sugar in it) into the pan.

3. I added two tea bags into the pan too and left it for about 15 minutes to infuse.

4. After 15 minutes I took the tea bags out and threw them away. I then put the pan into the fridge to cool. 
These jars aren't for hot drinks so I had to wait for it to cool right down.

5. After it cooled (which didn't take too long) I poured it into the jug and added about 25ml of Whiskey and some cut up strawberries and added them as well. 

You could also add mint, orange and lemon if you want. I didn't have any of those in my house so I decided not to. I honestly thought this drink was going to taste a bit strange and strong, but it tasted really good. This could've been the perfect summer drink with some ice in.


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