Tanya Burr's new cosmetic range

I've been looking for Tanya Burr's new cosmetic range in Superdrug since it came out. Every time I went into Superdrug in Gosport hoping they'd decided to stock it, they hadn't. When I went to Portsmouth this week, I went into Superdrug there and they had it! I was super happy to find them, everything in this range is so lovely. I love the new packaging of a gold theme and I definitely want to try more from this range, especially the eyeshadow palettes because they look so pretty. 

Nail Polish: I was looking for the 'Duvet Day' nail polish because I'd seen a ton of pictures all over Social Media of it and it looked like such a lovely colour. They didn't have it but they had some other colours that were all so pretty. I fell in love with this colour, it's called 'Riding Hood' and it's a beautiful colour for Autumn/Winter. It looks so lovely on and you don't need a lot of coats of it.

False Eyelashes: These eyelashes are so pretty! These are the Bambi eyelashes. I wanted to try some eyelashes from her original collection but I've only recently gotten into wearing false eyelashes and they stopped selling it in Superdrug's near me quite quickly. I definitely want to try some more of her eyelashes as every eyelash from this collection are so lovely. I'm yet to try these out and I probably need to cut them to fit, but I'm soo excited to wear these.


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    1. haha:-p thank you, i love the shade!

  2. Lovely pictures! I need to get some stuff from this range!

    lushivity.blogspot.co.uk xxx

    1. thank you! its a good range:-)xxx


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