Autumn/Winter are my absolute favourite seasons, I much prefer the colder weather to the hotter weather. Here's what I love about Autumn/Winter: 

- Halloween: Although I'm not a massive fan of horror/scary stuff, I still like Halloween. I love doing Halloween nail art, dressing up and carving pumpkins!

- Autumn Leaves: I love it when Autumn comes around and there's brown and yellow leaves on the ground and falling from trees. It looks so pretty. 

- Scarves, Hats and Boots: I love wearing scarves and boots! I really want to get into wearing hats more this year.

- Candles, Candles, Candles: Who doesn't love candles? I really love candles at the moment! 

- Cosy Socks: It's about time I got my fluffy/cosy socks out!

- Jumpers and Big Jackets: I LOVE wearing jumpers and big jackets.

- Onesie's: It's time to get my onesie's back out, yay!

- Fireworks. 

- Autumn Colours: I'm so excited to start painting my nails darker shades/Autumn colours. 

- Fairylights: Because it's getting darker earlier, I can put my fairylights on earlier. 

- High Neck Tops!

- Layering Clothes: I love layering clothes!

- Christmas: Christmas is my favourite and December is my absolute favourite month because everything is super Christmassy and the Christmas tree and decorations go up!

 - Putting the heating on: I love coming home from being freezing outside to a really warm house.

Whats your favourite thing about Autumn/Winter?


  1. I also love Autumn and Winter, i don't know why but i much rather have the cold weather over the hot weather. And i love it for all the same reasons you do. I have already gone a bit crazy with the fall scented candles and I am sweater ready!

    XO, Sarai

    P.S. If you have time and wish to check out my blog, I will gladly appreciate it.

    Also i followed you in all your social media sites! <3

    1. yeah me too, i hadn't been liking the hot weather tbh this year! ahh:-) of course i'll check out your blog:-)! thank you so much, i've followed you back<3

  2. Your photography is beautiful! Brilliant job!

  3. Love the look of all your polish shades!

  4. I love Autumn because it means Christmas is on the way! Wooly jumpers and cosy blankets are the best haha.

    Aren't those nail wheels just so useful, loving the shimmery shades!

    1. yess:-) they are so useful, thank you:-)


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