Real Technique starter kit

I first purchased Real Technique's Core Collection nearly two years ago and I've basically been obsessed with their stuff ever since. I recently got their beauty sponge and now I've gotten their starter kit!

These brushes are so good and soft. Since I started wearing eyeshadow everyday I thought it was time I got some good eyeshadow brushes. Before I got these brushes I'd been using the detailer brush from the Core Collection, which had been quite a struggle to be honest. I'm really happy with these brushes!

These make my eyeshadow go on a lot easier and look a lot better. I'm super glad I got these brushes and I definitely recommend these if you're looking for a really good eye brush set.

Brow brush: Distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows.
I'm really happy that there's a brow brush in this set, I've never had one before and I've had this vision for ages about how I want my eyebrows to look like and hopefully I can get them like that by using this brush...

Fine liner brush: The ultimate tool for precision application for liquid or cream eyeliner.
I don't have any eyeliner that I can use with this because the eyeliner I use is either pencil or liquid eyeliner in a bottle... But I'm definitely going to use this with an eyeshadow and see if I can make a winged eyeliner. 

Base shadow brush: Applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.
I really like that this brush is quite big because it makes the base colour go on quickly and smoothly.

Deluxe crease brush: Soft, oversized for effortless contouring.
This brush has made putting eyeshadow on my crease so much easier and makes it look so good!

Accent brush: Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging.


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    1. yeah :-)

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