Mini Boots & Primark haul

Rimmel Wake me up foundation: I've never had this foundation before but I do have the concealer and I love it. I went into Boots looking for the Rimmel Match foundation but they didn't have the shade I normally get, so I decided to try the 'Wake me up' foundation. I wanted to see if this foundation is just as good as the concealer and it is! It gives good coverage and stays on for a long time. 

Garnier Cleansing Water: I finally purchased the bigger bottle of Micellar Cleansing Water, for ages I'd been continuously buying the smaller one. I wanted the bigger one because the smaller one barely lasted me for over a week! I love this stuff, it takes off my makeup quickly and easily. I'm not too sure what the difference between the green and pink bottle is though.

Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows: In Boots they had a 2 for £10 on Maybelline's Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows. I absolutely love these and wanted some more after purchasing one last month. I got the colours 'Pink Gold' and 'Permanent Taupe', I'm so obsessed with these colours and I think they look lovely!

Backpack: I've been wanting a backpack like this for ages, so when I saw this in Primark I just had to get it. It was £10 and it fits a lot of stuff in. It's simple and has a front smaller compartment and a bigger compartment, with two pockets inside. I cannot wait to take it out with me.
(also shoutout to my brother who I made come off his computer to take this picture for me).

Top: I wanted a top that I could wear that is quite baggy and doesn't show too much of my arms. There were a few flowy tops in Primark but I chose this one. It was £10 and I love that it has bat wings!
(This is an awful picture of it, but if you've read some of my previous posts featuring clothes then you'll know that I'm shockingly bad at taking pictures of clothes)!


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