London - 02.08.2015

I absolutely love London, it's one of my favourite places to visit because there's so many different places to explore. My family and I went to Battersea, Chelsea (where we've gone to the past few times we went to London) and the Natural History Museum (which I went to nearly ten years ago when I was eight years old).

It was around 25 degrees in London and it's always warmer in London than it is in the South Coast. 
A lot of roads we needed to drive down were closed due to the cycle race that was happening, so we ended up parking in Battersea, then walked to Knightsbridge and the Natural History Museum which I didn't realise was going to be such a long walk.

Battersea was pretty and we walked through the park. We walked over a bridge on the way to Knightsbridge and saw a matte blue G-Wagon (aka my dream car)!

Then we saw a silver G-Wagon.

I've never seen a Kate Spade shop before and I loved their bags in the window!

Then I saw yet again another G-Wagon, this was actually in my YouTube video of London that I uploaded in May.

These are the designer shops that have been in my posts of London before (but yet I always take more pictures of them whenever I go).

I really liked these shoes!

Hey look, another G-Wagon!

We didn't actually go into Harrods, but I took another picture of it because my ones from last time I went turned out really unclear!

Onto the Natural History Museum...

The Natural History Museum is a really lovely building. It's weird to think that the last time I came here I was eight years old but I don't remember much about this place really.

It was actually packed in here, which wasn't very surprising because it was a weekend and it is the summer holidays.

I do remember this moving dinosaur though.

I had no idea what this part of the museum was but I really liked this picture!

We didn't stay in the museum long because it was packed and we had quite a walk back to the car. We walked back to Battersea through some lovely roads with pretty houses on.

I found another Chanel!

I also found a Brandy Melville, which I never knew they had one in the UK.

When coming back over the bridge towards Battersea we saw some nice cars, I love this gold one.

I also saw an original Fiat 500 which was so cute, I LOVE the new Fiat 500's and I'd never seen an old one in person before (only in pictures) and it was so small!

I had a really nice day out and although my legs were killing me, it was a good day. :-)


  1. I would love to have a day like this!

    Stay fabulous x

  2. Lovely pics! I love your blog:)

  3. Haven't visited London is so long! This is making me want to go back! X

    Portugal beach days over on-

  4. Ok sorry but I've just found your blog and I'm binge reading. Your photos are absolutely incredible quality!

    1. ah, glad you're liking it! thank you:-)


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