Favourite high street makeup brands

I feel like it's been a while since I've written about makeup, so I've written about my favourite high street makeup brands:

Maybelline: I had never realised how many Maybelline products I had until now, most of which are recent buys. At the moment Maybelline's my favourite brand, I'm obsessed with their eyeshadows and mascara. My favourite thing of theirs recently is the colour tattoo eyeshadow!

Rimmel London: Rimmel London's always been a brand that I've used and loved for years. I would always buy from them. They're a really good brand and I love their makeup items a lot. I've always loved their foundations, powder and concealer the most. At the moment I'm really loving their lipsticks!

Barry M: Barry M has been one of my favourite brands for absolutely ages. At the moment  I don't use a lot of their makeup products but I have a ton of their nail polishes. I love their Natural Glow palette 2 the best, it's an amazing palette.

L'Oreal: I only have two L'Oreal products but I really like their stuff, although I don't tend to buy their products that often. My favourite item from their brand is their Nude Magnique BB Cream.


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