Whats in my bag?: summer edition | 2015

This is my Fiorelli bag, I don't know how much it was or where it was from because my best friend brought it for me for my birthday last year. I'd never heard of Fiorelli at the time, but now I'm obsessed with their stuff! It has three sections to it, the one in the middle has a popper and the two each side of that has a zipper. Inside the back pocket there's a mini pocket which has a zip. This bag actually fits so much stuff in it and I love it.

Purse: I have the Fiorelli 'Heather Medium Purse' and I love it! I brought it from Very.co.uk and it was about £20 reduced from around £30. It's a good size and it has plenty of space for cards, as well as plenty of room for notes and there's a zipped pocket in the middle for coins.

Compact Mirror: I carry around a little compact mirror and it's from Primark, I got it a few years ago. I don't tend to use it that often, unless I'm wearing lipstick and then I use it to make sure I don't have lipstick on my teeth. But it's always handy to have it in my bag.

Glasses: Recently I've had to take my glasses around with me because I need them to drive, so I like to keep them in my bag all the time.

Makeup: I don't usually take a massive amount of makeup in my bag with me. Since the weather has been warmer I've been taking my powder and brush with me, otherwise my face will start to go shiny and I don't like it. The other makeup items that I carry around with me is my lipstick and lipliner, but that's only if I'm wearing lipstick or lipliner that day.

Camera: Believe it or not, my camera actually fits in this bag. This bag looks super thin but my camera actually manages to fit into it. I don't always take my camera with me, but if I'm going on a walk/doing something and I want to take pictures/video my day, then I'll take it with me. This is the Canon SX500 IS.

Phone: I take my phone everywhere with me. Although 99% of the time it's not in my bag, but it's in my hand. 

Hand Gel: I've recently started carrying around hand gel in my bag again, this is an essential of mine for my bag because I hate not washing my hands before I eat when I'm out. This is fragrance free and it's from Superdrug.

Hairbands and Hair Grips: I take a few hairbands or hair grips with me, then I add more to my bag every time I go and then wonder where they've all gone... I feel like it's necessary to take them in my bag incase my hair annoys me and I want to put it up/grip it back.

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