Pink nails for the summer

Pink is definitely going to be my most worn nail polish in the summer. I think pink nail polish is a massive essential of mine, here's ones that I've been wearing and will be wearing this season.

Barry M 'Bright Pink' - I actually haven't worn this nail polish in a while, but it's definitely one of my favourite pink shades. This kind of pink is good for doing flower nail art on because it's dark so the light nail art colours will stand out. 

Tanya Burr 'Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You' - (This actually looks red in this picture, but it's not). This is my all time favourite pink colour, again it's a dark pink colour so it's good for nail art but it's a really nice colour! It doesn't chip so it's really good if you want to wear it for a long time and it's good if you're on a holiday and aren't planning on repainting your nails there.

Barry M 'Dragon' 

Rimmel London 'Keep Calm & Kiss'

Barry M 'Kiss Me Quick'

Collection 'Babydoll Pink' - I've gone through at least two bottles of this in the past. It's very similar to Barry M's 'Kiss Me Quick' (the one above) one, I love that's it's light but not too light because you don't need many layers of it.

Barry M 'Kingsland Road' - This is supposed to be a textured nail polish, however it doesn't show up on this nail art wheel.

Barry M 'Rose Hip' - This is a really nice light pink colour and it has a pretty name. It's a good nail colour for the summer but you do need a few layers of it as it is quite light.

Essie 'Sugar Daddy' - I really like this colour but I hardly wear it anymore because you need soo many layers of it that it takes too long to do! Apart from that it's a really nice colour for the summer.


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