My bag collection | Kardashian Kollection, New Look + more

This is my bag collection: I also uploaded a Youtube video on this:

Kardashian Clutch Bag: This is the only clutch bag that I own, it's by the Kardashian Kollection and it's a really good size. I got it for my prom in 2013 and although I don't have a ton of places to wear it, I still occasionally use it. It has a gold long strap as well so if you get bored of carrying it, you can just put it on your shoulder (which is what I do a lot)!

This is my newest bag and it's from New Look, it was about £17 and it's a super good size and it goes with everything! The longer strap comes off if you don't want/need it on. The front has a really nice decorative pocket, that isn't really a pocket!

This is my Fiorelli bag, I'm not too sure where it was from or how much it was because it was a present. I love this bag and it's a really good size, especially if you don't want to carry around a massive bag and it fits a lot of stuff in. The longer strap comes off so you can just carry it around by it's smaller handles.

I love this bag, it's from New Look and it's a really lovely colour. It's not a massive bag, but it does still fit everything I need in it. I love the padlock decoration on the front.

This is my oldest bag in this collection, it's by the Kardashian Kollection and I'm obsessed with it still. I've had it for about two or three years and as far as I know it isn't available anymore. It was from Dorothy Perkins when they used to sell the Kardashian Kollection stuff, I think it was around £40-£45! It's a really good size and I used to use it a lot but didn't want to ruin it so now I swap my bags quite often.

I got this bag from Primark a few years ago, it's exactly the same as to what Topshop used to sell (except cheaper). It was £8 and I've used it a lot when I didn't want to carry a big bag around with me.


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