Mini makeup haul | MAC, Maybelline + more

MAC and boots:

MAC Lipstick: This is my first ever MAC product and I'm super happy with it. It was £15.50 and it's in the colour 'Velvet Teddy'. I've been looking at MAC lipsticks online for soo long and I finally decided to buy one when I went to the MAC counter in John Lewis. I now understand why so many people love MAC and it was definitely worth the money! It stays on my lips for a long time and I love that it's matte. 

Maybelline Nude Palette: I saw this palette on Maybelline's Instagram and I instantly knew I'd love it. I bought it from Boots and it was £9.99, it has twelve eyeshadows which are all so lovely and I can't wait to use them all. So far I've only tried the gold one (fourth along the top) and the one underneath that and they're soo good and look so nice on! I'm definitely super happy that I bought this.

Maybelline Mascara: I found out about this mascara, again from Maybelline's Instagram and then I saw it in Zoella's June Favourites video. I decided to try it and it was £7.99, I tried it today and I LOVE it! You only need a few layers of it and it makes my eyelashes look super long.

Barry M Contour Kit: I'd been looking for a contour kit for a while, after realising that contouring your face looks really nice! This has a lighter, medium and darker shades. It also has images on how to do it (which for people like me is useful because I'm not an expert, nor have I ever done it before. I've only recently seen it on Instagram/Youtube videos and wanted to do it myself).

Cleansing Water: In my June Favourites post I said that next time I get one of these Micellar Cleansing Water I'd get a bigger bottle, however this 125ml one was on sale so I thought I'd get the smaller one again, considering it was only £1!


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