My thoughts on the iPhone 6

I recently got an iPhone 6 and I'm literally obsessed with it. I got it in June when I got an upgrade with my contract and I've been meaning to write a review on it ever since.

I previously owned the iPhone 4 and I never really used it and would always use my iPad instead. So it's definitely super nice to have a phone that I can use that isn't outdated.

The screen is so big compared to my old iPhone, so it was definitely strange getting used to the size of it at first, but I do love the size of the screen, everything is so much bigger and looks a lot better.

I can definitely do a lot more on the iPhone 6 and everything is so much faster. I love that it has 4G because I had never used it before I got this phone so I didn't know what that was like.
The camera is so clear, it's so good! I love that it has all the different effects and it has things like time-lapse, slo-mo and panoramic, which I'm really loving using.

I'm seriously loving the Touch ID which I had never had before and it's so quickly done.

I'm also loving the Health App on here, it tells me how many steps I've done and how many flights of stairs that I've climbed a day with my phone. (In this picture I'd hardly walked around with my phone). 

I don't have a ton of apps on my phone because I mostly put apps on my iPad, but I want to do a 'Whats on my iPhone' Youtube video and possibly a blog post on it too.


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