London 04/05/2015

On the bank holiday Monday I went back to London, it was a really warm day and a lot of fun! I love  going to London and seeing all the different places/cars/shops.

I was trying out the 'miniature' effect that I found I could do on my camera the other day. We were stood next to Tower Bridge where there was a massive crowd of people. At the time we had absolutely no idea what was going on. Later that day I found on Sky News that all this that was happening was about the release of the Princess' name.

This was from the Tower Bridge.

After walking across the Tower Bridge, we got back into the car and went to Solane Street. I love this street as there are a lot of Mercedes G-Wagon's around and designer shops.

I don't remember seeing this last time, but I really liked this Dior shop.

I don't think this Michael Kors shop was open when I last came in February, but I absolutely love the flowery skirt (the one on the left of the shop).

I love the buildings in London.

I saw my dream car (Mercedes G-Wagon) and I sneakily tried to take a picture as the lady driving it was looking at me...

I also video'd my day in London. You can watch it here:


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