Fiorelli Heather Purse

Fiorelli is one of my most recent favourite brands. I was searching through the Very website and came across this purse. Its called 'Fiorelli Heather Medium Purse' and it was only £22 reduced from £32. This is the most I've ever spent on a purse, but I know Fiorelli items are super good quality so I knew it'd be worth it.

It's spacious inside, its got 10 card slots which is perfect and is enough to fit my cards in and more. Its big enough to fit notes in without having to fold them and the coin section is in the middle. I prefer having this kind of purse as everything is all together and there isn't a ton of different sections. I know for definite that my cards aren't going to fall out (which is my worry when I use some of my other purses).


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