My favourite jeans | Topshop collection

Topshop jeans have been very popular for a while now and they're definitely my favourite jeans. I recommend Topshop jeans 100%... I think they're incredibly comfy, although they are a bit pricey, but are definitely worth the money. There are so many more nice jeans in Topshop at the moment, that I'm dying to buy some more. I have a few pairs of Topshop jeans that I've been 'collecting' for a few years now. 

Leigh jeans: I also got these in the sale last summer. I'm so glad that I found these, luckily these were the last pair that were available in the shop and they were in my size! These are super soft and I love the fabric. 

Baxter jeans: These jeans are soo comfy, I got these in the Topshop sale about two years ago. They're really good quality jeans.

Black Joni jeans: These are the second pair of Joni jeans that I got, I've had them for over a year and they're still in excellent condition, although they have faded so much. (But doesn't every pair of black jeans?) They're so comfy and I love them, they're definitely my most worn jeans.

Dark blue Joni jeans: These are my newest pair of Topshop jeans. I love these, I wanted a dark blue pair of Joni jeans and I found these. I'm so happy with them, they're so soft and stretchy so I'm able to tuck jumpers into them. 

White Joni jeans: I got these last summer and I was really picky about when/where I wore them because I didn't want to ruin them. Little marks seemed to appear on them and I never knew how, as I do make sure I get nothing on them. They're very soft and go with everything! I do need to start wearing them a lot more, but I love these jeans a lot. 

Pink Joni jeans: These were my first ever Joni jeans and jeans in general from Topshop, I bought these two years ago in the sale. I was super happy when I found these as I wanted a pair of Joni jeans, but I didn't have like £36 at the time. These were only £15 and I wore them so much, although they weren't as good quality as my other Joni jeans now. These got holes in the legs so quickly and they're much thinner fabric, so I don't wear them out anymore, but I do wear them at home so I can still get good use out of them while I can.


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