A short walk

Today I went on a short walk, it was freezing and quite cloudy, however I wanted to share some of the photos that I took. First I went to a park called Stanley Park in Gosport, there were only a few dog walkers about and it was really quiet. I didn't take many pictures here except for flowers as there isn't actually that much to take pictures of.

To be honest this picture (above) is one of my new favourite pictures, I actually fish eyed it. On my camera I have the fish eye option, so I thought I'd try it out on a flower and I'm really happy with how it turned out. The flower didn't turn out fish eyed but the soil did. 

The blossom is out.

The next place we went to was a road in Alverstoke, I really like this road because it reminds me of Brighton. I'd love to live in one of these buildings, a few have statues outside the front doors.

There is a really lovely public garden across from the houses and I've never actually seen anyone in there before, but we decided to go in and walk around. It's not a very big place, but there is a fountain and some lovely blue benches.


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