A morning in the Explosion Museum cafe

This morning, my mum and I met her friend, who came down to visit from Devon. We went to this really lovely cafe in the Explosion Museum, in Gosport. We've been there before, so we decided to go back!

Last time we went it was warm enough to sit outside, however today in the South Coast it's freezing. This time I had a hot chocolate, with chocolate sprinkled on top. I don't usually like hot chocolate because they make me feel sick, but this hot chocolate was very nice! 


They have really nice bunting all around the cafe. 

I love this tree with lights on.

This area of the cafe reminds me of Central Perk on Friends because of the sofas and coffee table.

We went outside for a little walk and this was the view. This is looking into Portsmouth and Portsdown Hill.

I really liked my outfit today, I wore my black Joni Jeans with my Topshop Boots.

I especially liked this part of my outfit, I paired this H&M jumper with my lace collared top underneath, from Primark. Over the top of that I wore my jacket from Topshop, which I love and wear it all the time. So I was really warm and prepared for the cold weather.


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