My Kardashian Kollection

I've been stuck on what blog posts to upload this week. But I remembered that I have a few 'Kardashian Kollection' items, so I'm doing a post on that. I've been collecting these stuff for a few years now and I love them. I haven't gotten any new Kardashian Kollection things recently as they hardly sell them in shops near me anymore, therefore these items probably aren't available anymore. These stuff are from Dorothy Perkins and Argos. Unfortunately they don't sell Kardashian Kollection in Dorothy Perkins anymore, however as far as I'm aware they do still sell Kardashian jewellery in Argos still. 

Bag: This Kardashian bag was the first item from the Kardashian Kollection I ever got. At first I was too scared to take it out as I didn't want to ruin it, but considering it was £45 I wasn't going to not use it, now it's my most used bag! I LOVE this bag, it's a brilliant size and has so much room inside for everything I need to put into it. This was from Dorothy Perkins. It has a short strap so you can wear it on your arm/shoulder and it has a longer strap so you can wear it over you. I really like the longer strap because it's a gold chain and you can also take it off. This is the most expensive bag that I own and it was so worth the money! I've had it since 2012 and it's still in great condition as it's such a good quality bag. It has three pockets inside, one with a zip and two without a zip.

Skirt: I LOVE this skirt a lot, it's the only leather skirt I own. It's more of an occasion skirt more than an everyday skirt. But it's such good quality, I think it was around £25 and it was from Dorothy Perkins. I like that it has a simple gold zip down the side and it has 'Kardashian Kollection' on the zip. It's very puffy and it's a good length too.

Clutch: This clutch bag was again from Dorothy Perkins, it was around £20 and I love this. I actually got it for my prom bag, it goes with anything. It also comes with a strap inside, so if you don't want to carry it anymore you can put it on your shoulder, which I really like the idea of. I've used this clutch bag a lot and it's a really good size. 

Necklace: I love this chain necklace, it was from Argos for around £20-£25. I love that it's a chunky chain and has 'KK' in the middle. Also I love that it's gold, pretty much everything from the Kardashian Kollection that I have is gold. I wear this a lot when I'm wearing quite a plain, dull outfit because it really brightens up your outfit and makes it look really good.

Kim Kardashian perfume: Even though this isn't 'Kardashian Kollection', it's Kim Kardashian's perfume, but I thought I'd add it anyway. I love it and it was from Argos for £25. I've had it for over a year and it's lasted me so long and there is still a lot of it left, even though I use it basically everyday. It's a really sweet smell and it isn't too strong. 


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