March haul | Converse, Ikea, Barry M + more

This is my March haul, includes shops: Amazon, Ikea, Superdrug, New Look and Very. 


Make up storage: 
Since I've been watching a ton of make-up storage videos on Youtube recently, I like the idea of this kind of storage. I got this from Amazon for £10 and I'm really happy with it, the delivery was so quick too. I was aware by reading the reviews that it is smaller in person than it looks in the picture, but it fits my make-up perfectly in it. However I don't have any lipsticks that I use everyday to put into the lipstick sections... I'm really glad that my Real Technique brushes fit in the top section well. I'm so happy with this and it was definitely worth the money. It goes super nice on my desk and fits well without taking up too much room.


Barry M 'Fashion Icon':
I cannot go to Superdrug without buying a nail polish. I caught my eye on Barry M's sparkly nail paint and I found this one, I love it. In some lights/angle it looks purple and in others it looks a bit blue, which is really nice. You also don't need many layers of it, but I do put a purple colour underneath as a base. 

Barry M palette:
This is Barry M's Natural Glow Palette 2, which is eyeshadows and a primer. I had actually been looking at Barry M's palette since last year and I really liked them, however every time I went into Superdrug or Boots I couldn't find one that I liked. But I finally found one that I really liked and when I bought this it was £2 cheaper. I'm so happy with this palette and I'm going to use this a lot.


I only got these a few days ago and these are my first pair of Converse. I've wanted a pair of Converse for a long time, I have had a fake pair in the past and I loved them! I'm super excited about these and can't wait to wear them, I chose the white pair because they'll go with anything. They're extremely comfy and I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of them. I definitely want a pair of the high-top ones and some more in different colours. I got these from Very and I'm so happy that they came the next day.


I've had my old desk for a long time and I needed a new, bigger one. I found this on the Ikea website for £14.90 and measured that it would fit perfectly behind my door. It's such a good size and it's really good quality. It fits everything I need on it (however it is messy at the moment) and I'm so glad they had this in the shop when I went there. 

I found this mirror in Ikea and it was only £3.50, I think it's actually a bathroom mirror but it looks nice on my desk. It has a normal side and a magnified side which is useful. I'm glad that I can now sit at my desk and do my make-up in a good mirror. 

Clothing rack:
Considering I chose to put my desk where my wardrobe originally was, I no longer have my wardrobe anymore and I needed somewhere to put my clothes. My room is actually too small to have my new desk and wardrobe in, so I got this clothing rack from Ikea and it was only £6.50! It's really good quality and it's very stable. I decided to hang my most used tops, jackets and skirts on here, while the rest of my clothes are in storage boxes underneath my bed so I can get them easily and they wont take up room.

Obviously I needed a chair to sit at my desk on, as I didn't have one already. I also found this for £14.90! I thought this would look good with my desk and the rest of my room. It's a swivel chair and the wheels automatically lock when you're not sat on it. This is also really good quality, it's plastic and the shape of it makes it really comfortable to sit on.

New Look

So the other day I went into New Look, not looking for anything in particular and I found this skirt. I instantly knew I'd love it as I remembered looking at it online a few weeks back before it was in the sale. It's quilted and has two zips at the front for 'decoration' and a zip at the back. It's so soft and comfortable. I got it in a size smaller than what I am and it's actually quite big around my waist, which I was surprised about. The skirt was reduced to £7 from £14.99. I've already thought of so many tops and shoes that I could pair this with.

I saw this top on a Youtuber in an Instagram picture and really liked it. I found it in New Look for £20. I love the zip down the front, however when you first put it on it's freezing because the zip is so cold. But it looks nice and I love this kind of fabric. It's so comfortable and I love that it has bat wings.

I also did a Youtube video on this:


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