5 heatless, quick + easy hairstyles

These hairstyles are quick and easy you don't need heat for them. All you need for these hairstyles is hair bands/elastic bands. 
Recently I've really been liking half up, half down hairstyles, so here's some of my favourites:

1. This use to be a  hairstyle that I did a lot. It's super simple to do.

2. This is a half up, half down braid. It's one of my most recent hairstyles that I started doing. It's super easy to do and it looks really nice too.

3. This is actually the first time I've done this in ages. I really like how this looks, it's definitely going to be one of my most worn hairstyles.

4. This half down, half up hairstyle is my most favourite. I've been having my hair like this for years. It's just a really quick and easy hairstyle to do.

5. Half up buns are so nice. Mine never seem to go how I want them to most of the time. 

I also made a Youtube video tutorial on these hairstyles: 


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