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I made a Youtube video about my shoe collection, but all I did was show my shoes and put where they are from. So I decided to make a detailed blog post about them. 

Black chunky wedge boots
These are my newest pair of shoes, I got these in the New Look sale for £22 reduced from £29.99. Although they are a size too big for me (but luckily they don't fall off my feet). At first I thought they were going to be tricky to walk in and be uncomfortable, but they're actually super comfy and easy to walk in. They also go with anything you wear! I love wearing these as they make me taller (I'm very short)

Biker boots
These are by far my most worn boots. I purchased them after Christmas from the Topshop sale, I got them for £20 reduced from £45 I was so happy. Luckily they had them in my size! They're so easy to walk in and are so comfortable, which I'm very happy about. 

These La Redoute boots are soo comfy. I love that I can just put them on and take them off by the zip at the side, instead of tying the laces up whenever I wear them, it makes it a lot easier! But these shoes are quite tight on my legs when I wear thick trousers/jeans underneath (as you can see in the picture, the zip wont go all the way up), but it doesn't stop me wearing these. 

Timberland look-alikes
I'm so happy with these, because I wanted a pair of Timberlands but I didn't have the money, so I opted for these which I saw in a Youtube video! They were one of my most worn boots last year. I got these from Primark for £15 and they're really good quality shoes. I think they're going to last me a long time!

Nike Air Force 1
I got these shoes for £50 in junior size (my feet are small). I love these trainers, I got them last summer and have worn them so much. They're still in good condition (except they're a  little bit muddy).

Nike Air Max command
I also got these Nike Air Max trainers in junior size, for £55. I had these for just over a year and I love wearing them because they're SO comfy. 

Blue slip on skater shoes
I bought these shoes last summer from Topshop for £20. But when I first got them I made the mistake of not wearing them in first. I first for them on a walk with my friend and they hurt my feet so much, I ended up with blisters and blood stains in these shoes (ew). But now I've worn them more (and with socks) they're very easy to walk in and I love the colour. 

Chunky heels
I got these just before my birthday from New Look so I could wear them on my birthday last year. They're surprisingly easy to walk in because of the platform at the front. After about an hour of walking in them they were hurting my feet, but I'm definitely going to wear them again when I have the chance. 

Silver heels
These were my prom shoes (I got these from New Look), it was the first and last time I wore these out (and my prom was in 2013, oops). It took me a while to used to walking in these because of the thin heel, but by the time my prom came around I could walk fine in them, but they made my feet sore walking around all night in them.

Little black heels
My feet look so pale in this because of the lighting! My mum gave me the shoes a while ago, I've never actually worn them out because I lost one of the shoes and only recently found it! I have no idea where these are from. They're a size too big and do slip off my feet, but I'm going to find a way so they wont slip off. From wearing them in this picture they were fairly easy to walk in and quite comfortable.

Check out my Youtube video on my shoe collection:


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