My Barry M addiction | nail polish collection

I've been collecting Barry M nail polishes for a few years now and they're definitely my most worn nail polishes, so I thought I'd do a post on them. The majority of these I bought from Superdrug. (a lot may not be in the shops anymore, but they may be online)

Gelly hi-shine (from left to right)
  • 'Coconut'
  • 'Dragon'
  • 'Blueberry'
  • 'Rose hip' - This colour is a light pink, but when you put it on, you will need a few coats of it.
  • 'Prickly pear'
  • 'Greenberry'
  • 'Passion fruit' - This is one of my new favourites, as I don't have another colour like this. (but it did stain my nails, oops) 

Matte (from left to right)
Matte is my all time favourite at the minute!
  • 'Crush' - I love this colour, it looks a lot nicer on your nails than in the bottle.
  • 'Caramel'
  • 'Vanilla' - I'm not too sure why I have two bottles of this colour, but I've used them both so much, they're a really nice nude matte.
  • 'Espresso' - Matte black is my favourite colour ever. It's the second bottle I've gone through and it's definitely one of my most worn Barry M nail polishes.

Normal nail paint (from left to right)
  • 'Bright pink' - This is one of my oldest Barry M nail polishes. I used to wear it with the silver multi glitter (on the right) and they go really nice together.
  • 'Silver multi glitter' - This was possibly one of my first every Barry M nail polishes.
  • 'Aqua glitter'
  • 'Matt white'

Others (from left to right)
I named this category 'others' as it's a mixture of different effects.

  • 'Heather' - This is a silk nail polish and comes out a really nice finish. 
  • 'Kiss me quick' - This is one of my newest. I bought this because not only is it a lovely pink, but it says it's a quick dry, so I thought I'd try it out. 
  • 'Kingsland road' - This is a difficult nail polish to describe, but it has a bumpy texture/look finish... (I'm not the best at describing)
  • 'Princess'
  • 'Superdrug limited edition' - I'm so gutted that this was limited edition as I've nearly used it all!
  • 'VIP'
  • 'Pacific' - This is from the aquarium collection. In some lights/angles it looks green and in others it looks blue, which is really nice.

Hope you enjoyed reading:-)


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