Fashion + beauty collective haul | Topshop, Missguided + more

This is my collective haul from January and February. From Superdrug, Missguided, Topshop, Amazon and Boots. 

Nail polishes

This is the first time I had ever shopped at Missguided and it's definitely one of my new favourite places to shop. Everything is reasonable priced and they have some really nice stuff, I'm also happy with how quick my order came too!

Checked scarf: I wanted a checked scarf like this for ages, (I have already got one, but the one I have is quite big because it's one of those ones that you can also wrap around you). So while I was browsing Missguided's website I found this and I'm super happy with it. It's so soft, a nice size and I love the colours.

Kardashian top: I am extremely happy with this top, you have no idea. I originally saw it on Tumblr and thought of it as one of those things you see on Tumblr and wont be able to find (that's something that happens to me a lot). But when I was on Missguided's website, I saw this and just had to get it. I've been a massive Kardashian fan since I was thirteen years old, so when I saw this I was incredibly happy. It's a basic oversized t-shirt and is so comfy. It was a good price too, it goes with anything and I just love it!

 Topshop has been my favourite shop for a few years now. Also the pictures of these tops didn't turn out too well (I'm not very good at taking pictures of clothes).

Crop top: I'm not the one for usually wanting crop tops this short, but I really like this one because it's ribbed and has a high front. I'm really loving ribbed Topshop stuff at the moment, so this top was perfect. I can't wait to wear this in the summer.

Half sleeve striped top: (I don't know why this top has marks on) but anyway, I got this from the tall section of Topshop. I'm not tall at all, so I knew this top would be a good length and I'm glad I got it. This is the first striped top item that I own and I really like it. I also love that it has a high neck because I'm really like that recently...Oh, it's also ribbed!

Socks: Shock, these socks are ribbed! These are incredibly soft and comfy and I'm so happy with these. Most of the socks I have from Topshop are too big for me, but these fit perfectly. I definitely want some more of these ribbed socks. I'm a little disappointed though because the second time I wore these I realized there was a tiny hole in them (on the right foot). 


Zoella bag: I finally have a Zoella bag! I've been looking at the Zoella Beauty range since it came out, I have her candle (which smells amazing) but I also really like her bags. Since I love Guinea pigs, I decided to get the Guinea pig one because it was so cute. It's bigger than I expected it to be, which is even better because I can fit all of my make up in!

Tripod: We already have a tripod in our house that we share, but I really wanted my own to use for filming and blog post pictures. I got this tripod from Amazon and it was a great price too, with free delivery AND it came much quicker than they said it would! I did look at the reviews and a lot of people said great things about it, so I decided to get it. I'm so happy with it, I love the colour and it goes to a great height. It also came with a bag to carry it in, which is excellent because I can just put it in there rather than leaving it in my room, where there is a possibility of it getting scratched. 

Tanya Burr book: I was so excited for this book to come out since the day Tanya mentioned it. I got this off Amazon and the delivery came soo quickly. This book is so interesting because I found out a lot about Tanya that I didn't already know, I also love the recipe part!

Central Perk mug: I've been a huge Friends fan for years. I can't actually remember where I first saw this, it was probably Instagram, but I then found it on Amazon. There were normal mugs and travel mugs, I chose the normal mug as I've got a ton of travel mugs already. I've used this so much and I think that it's so cool! It also came in this Friends box.

iPad mini case: I really needed a new iPad case because my old one was falling apart (even though I'd had it for at least five months). I was looking for a cheap iPad case and I found this on Amazon for under £1. It's just a simple blue see-through case and I really like it and it does the job. It also came with a screen protector which was so good because I needed one. So overall I'm happy with this iPad case.

Toni & Guy dry shampoo: Ever since last Christmas I've been loving Toni & Guy products, as I got given a set of it last Christmas and I loved it! Since then I've been hooked to their products, this is the best dry shampoo I've used because it works really well and smells so nice, compared to some other brands I've tried!


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