My second time in Brighton

I went to Brighton for the second time the other day. Luckily it turned out to be a lovely day to go (although it was freezing). First we went to Brighton pier, it was so windy and very busy for this time of the year. I love Brighton because it's a really nice place to visit and has some really cool shops. 

I love the view of the beach and Brighton Wheel from the pier. Compared to when I went last year in May, the beaches were very quiet.

The seagulls in Brighton are scary because they fly very close to you. They are also huge and I'm scared of birds, so this is possibly the closest I've gotten to a bird out of choice and it was an achievement for me. 

After we went on the pier, we went down next to the pier where there are some shops and restaurants. Outside a shop I spotted this mirror with the reflection of the tree, this is one of my favourite pictures that I've taken. After here we went down the lanes (but I didn't take any pictures there). 

I love the graffiti on the side of the Bagelman shop, down Bond Street, which is down the lanes. Last time I came to Brighton it was a sheep on the side of the shop, since then they've changed it to this. (this is my brother in this picture)

This is Brighton Pavilion, it's a really cool looking building (it's a shame there was a metal fence in the way of this picture). 

We then drove further down to the beach huts. I love these beach huts because they're colourful and different to the beach huts where I live.

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