Why Memrise has become my favourite app/website

I've been learning Spanish for nearly a year now and in the first 6 months I was learning from 2 books. Although I learnt a bit, it didn't teach me how to say the words and there wasn't a huge amount to learn in the books I had. My brother actually told me about the Memrise app/website that he used at school. I had never heard of this app before. Since I've been using the Memrise app, I've also been using different books (which have also helped me hugely) and my Spanish has gotten so much better. I thought I'd share why I love this app/website, because if you're learning/wanting to learn a new language, this might help you.

Loads of different things to learn | When I first got this app, I was quite impressed at how many different subjects and languages there are to learn. They have a huge amount of languages and different stages. Not only do they have a wide variety of languages, they have different categories of other things to learn. If you want to learn something else, there's Art & Literature; Maths & Science; The Natural World; History & Geography; Memory Training; Professional & Careers; Standaristed Tests; Trivia and Entertainment. Under those categories are other things for you to pick.

Majority is free | The app is free to download and use their website, but there are some things you have to pay for. There is a pro option you can buy, but you can do so much for free. Sometimes you can unlock pro features a certain amount of times, which I think are really good and helpful. I like that you can do a lot for free. 

Good features | In languages, theres quite a few features you can do/unlock.
  • Speed round: The speed round only seems to be free for the computer, whereas it comes with the pro package on the mobile app. I enjoy the speed round and I do it a lot.
  • Classic review: I do the classic review often to help me remember words I've learnt.
  • Learn new words
  • Difficult words: This is good for if you're really struggling with certain words. I've unlocked this for free and could only use it a few times, but it really helps.
  • Listening skills
  • Learn with the locals: I find this one very helpful.
  • Chatbots 
  • Grammarbots 

They say words to you | I find it extremely helpful when hearing the words, which is why I'm happy this is on Memrise. They say it to you and it helps me so much with the pronunciation. 

Easy app/website to work/find things | I find Memrise extremely easy to work and find things. I do feel like the website is a lot better than the app, but the app is also good if you want to learn on the go.

Easy accessible | I started off by using it on my phone, but have since started using it more on my laptop. I love that its available on phones, tablets and computers. 

Have you used Memrise before? What do you use to learn a new language?

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