10 of my favourite YouTubers

I love YouTube. I was never really one to watch YouTubers until 2013. My brothers would show me YouTubers videos, but up until the Summer of 2013, I only used YouTube to listen to music. The YouTuber I discovered myself was Zoella. I discovered Zoe on Instagram and then found her YouTube channel and since then, I've been addicted to YouTube. Watching other YouTubers inspired me to start my own channel that I absolutely love doing, I really enjoy it. I have a lot of favourite YouTubers, but here's 10 of them.

  1. Niki & Gabi: Niki and Gabi are twin YouTubers who I discovered back in November last year and they instantly became two of my favourite YouTubers. I love their channel together and I love their separate vlog channels. I remember binge watching their videos for hours on the night I discovered them. Their channel together is different to what I'd usually watch and I think that's why I love it so much. Their covers are amazing and they always put so much effort into their videos.
  2. Freddy My Love (Freddy Cousin-Brown): Freddy's channel has also become one of my favourites and I love her channel. Freddy's videos are so girly and I love her fashion hauls.
  3. ThatsHeart (Heart Defensor): Heart is one of the first YouTubers that I started watching back in 2013 and is still one of my absolute favourites. I love her main channel and her vlog channel. Heart's video are always interesting to watch and recently I've been loving her testing hack videos.
  4. Jayde Pierce: Jayde's YouTube channel is one of my favourites by far. I love her makeup videos, her makeup always looks amazing. Whenever I tweet to her, she always retweets/likes it and it literally makes my day.
  5. Val Mercado: I discovered Val through Jayde when they went to Miami to do the Protein World photo shoot/advert. Although Val hadn't uploaded on YouTube for a while, she's recently uploaded a few.
  6. Niomi Smart: I've been watching Niomi's channel since she started it. I love all her healthy videos and her fashion is amazing.
  7. Shani Grimmond: I've been watching Shani for a couple of years. Her makeup tutorials are amazing and she's so funny.
  8. Stephanie De Souza: I discovered that Stephanie had a YouTube channel after not too long after DASH Dolls finished on TV. With her being one of my favourite DASH Dolls, I instantly subscribed to her. She doesn't upload that often, but I just love her videos.
  9. Zoella (Zoe Sugg): Zoe was the first person I started watching on YouTube and actually the first Blogger I started following/reading as well. From discovering Zoe's YouTube, I discovered a ton of other YouTubers that I love. I love Zoe's channel, all her videos are amazing and her vlogs are my favourite.
  10. Tanya Burr: Tanya was one of the first YouTubers that I started watching. The first video of hers that I watched was a makeup video and at the time I wasn't hugely into makeup as I am now, but I sat and watched it and since then, I haven't missed a single video of hers. 

I do have A LOT of other favourite YouTubers, so at some point I'm likely to do a part 2. Do you watch any of these YouTubers? Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

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  1. I love Niomi Smart too! Great post x
    Morgan \ www.justmorgs.com

  2. Zoella was the first ever youtuber I watched, and she will still one of my favs now! I realy enjoy Hannah from fabulous hannah.

    1. mine too:) i'll check out Fabulous Hannah xx

  3. Zoe was the first I watched too. Id recommend fabuloushannah she is absolutely lovely and has because a really close friend, her videos are hilarious! X

    1. i'll have to check out Fabuloushannah:)x

  4. My favourite youtuber is Louise Sprinkle of Glitter, lovely post xx

  5. I love watch Tanya and Zoe too! I also enjoy watching Joe Sugg and Stella Rae :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

    1. i like Joe also, i'll have to check out Stella Rae'e channel:)

  6. I'll have to check some of these out because I've never heard of them before - I have soooo many youtubers I love but I've been loving The Michalaks right now!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. i definitely recommend all of these channels:) i like The Michalaks but i don't watch their videos that often!


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