September Instagram roundup

This month has flown by so quickly. I haven't posted as much this month compared to last month but I loved how my Instagram looked this month with my 'theme'. 
A lot of these photos have been cropped into a square when I put them in this collage, because now Instagram allows you to upload portrait and landscape photos (best idea they had). 

My Instagram is: @em_barker

1. The first photo I uploaded this month was of Justin Bieber. I searched through many photos to find one that would fit with my 'theme' and this is the first one I found and I love it.

2. There isn't actually a purpose for this photo, I took this picture for my 24 Facts About Me blogpost and really liked it.

3. This was again, from my blog. It's the Whiskey Iced Tea that I made and I love the quality of this photo.

4. I love taking photos of my Naked 3 palette.

5. I love love love this nail polish.

6. I had to post a photo of the balloons in Covent Garden, they're so pretty.

7. I didn't know what to post on my Instagram, so I uploaded a photo of my false eyelashes.

8. I uploaded this last night, it's of what BornPrettyStore sent me (i'll be uploading reviews on what they've sent me next week).


  1. I love your pictures !

  2. These photos are stunning! Big fan of these :)

  3. your photos are literally incredible! xxx


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