24 facts about me

I actually really struggled thinking of 24 facts about myself and here they are: 

1. I'm 18 years old.

2. I'm obsessed with the Kardashian's, Jenner's and Justin Bieber.

3. I've only been to one concert and that was to see Justin Bieber in 2011.

4. My favourite colours are blue and white.

5. I live on the South Coast of England, right across from the Isle Of Wight, in between Portsmouth and Southampton.

6. My feet are a size 4 so I fit into junior size shoes, but it isn't a problem because they're cheaper.

7. My favourite TV show ever is Keeping up with the Kardashians.

8. I have 12 piercings.

9. I'm quite an indecisive person at times.

10. I have two younger brothers.

11. My hobbies are Photography, Youtube, Blogging, drawing and doing nail art.

12. I'm addicted to buying nail polish. 

13. I have two guinea pigs, two hamsters, a rabbit and a budgie.

14. I'm really bad at sticking to healthy eating.

15. G-Wagon's, Range Rover's, Audi R8's and TT's, Jeep's and Mini's are my favourite/dream cars.

16. Buying bowl, plates, mugs and glasses make me happy.

17. I've bought myself so many bowls, plates, mugs and glasses that in our kitchen I have my own cupboard full.

18. London, Brighton, LA, Las Vegas, Devon and Yorkshire are my favourite places I've visited. 

19. I really want to travel. 

20. I had braces for nearly 4 years.

21. December is my favourite month.

22. Autumn/Winter are my favourite seasons.

23. I love visiting London because there's so many G-Wagon's and other nice cars.

24. I spend far too much of my time binge watching Youtube videos and reading blogposts. 


  1. Great post, I enjoyed reading the facts about you, I'll deffo have to do one of these soon, even though I will struggle to come up with any lol! Oh and I'm also an indecisive person, it annoys me so much lol
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. thank you so much! yeah, i found it really difficult to come up with facts about myself haha! me too!xx

  2. I really like reading personal posts, great idea xo


  3. Ah such a lovely post. I always like to read personal posts from the bloggers I follow :)

    I didn't realise that you were from the South coast too, me too!! I'm in the New Forest! Ha! xx


    1. thank you so much:-) ahh i love the new forest, i went there the other day haha:-p xx

  4. It was nice to read some facts about you! I'm really bad at sticking to healthy eating too x
    han // em&han xo


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