July Instagram roundup

Instagram - @em_barker

(It goes from most recent to oldest).

1. My fake tulips: I recently got these and I'm going to be using them a lot in my blog posts.

2. My eye makeup: I love this eye makeup look and was super happy with how it turned out.

3. Camera and ripped jeans: I took this when I went to see America's Cup last weekend.

4. Naked Smoothie: This was from a few weekends ago when I went to Bournemouth.

5. Topshop in Whiteley: I don't know why I really liked this picture, it was taken in Whiteley!

6. Cup and saucer: We recently got these cup and saucers and I think they're so cool.

7. MAC lipstick: I'm so obsessed with this lipstick.

8. Breakfast idea: This was so good!

9. Favourites at the moment: This was some of my favourites at the beginning of July!


  1. Cool post.
    Loving the ripped jeans and camera.


  2. Wonderful pics! Have a great start tot he week:)



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